Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY Buzzbaits

You can make your own buzzbaits comparable to this one
for a fraction of the retail cost.  This buzzbait is a little beat
up because it's my favorite for night fishing rip rap cover.
I'm posting a follow up to my previous post, Spinnerbait and Buzzbait Money Saving Tips.  At the end of my previous post, there is a cost analysis detailing the money that you'd save after making your own spinnerbaits.  I thought that the same information about making your own buzzers would be helpful too.  Below is a cost analysis showing how much you'd save making your own traditional style buzzbaits over the cost of a popular inexpensive retail model.

In my previous post, I displayed a similar cost analysis.  In that analysis, I chose parts to make a spinnerbait comparable to a popular model and chose to use "premium" painted spinnerbait heads.  You can save even more money by making using the cheaper spinnerbait heads.  You won't sacrifice fish catching ability either. They're not quite as fancy but they work just as well.  When I first started making my own, I'd order unpainted ones, throw a skirt on and use them like that...and they still caught plenty of fish. 

You can also save more money by buying in bulk.  Most of these lure making companies will mix and match colors when purchasing in bulk, saving you money when making several different colors.  You can save even more money by molding your own lead spinnerbait heads, buzzbait heads, and by making your own skirts.  I'm not saying that you can't purchase a cool looking spinnerbait or buzzbait that might get you an extra bite or two.  Rather, I'm suggesting a way that you can stock up and increase your selection to add to what you purchase from retail stores.  Also, sometimes I'll purchase one that looks interesting to me with the purpose of using it as a model for making my own version of the same thing.  To reiterate my theme from the last post, after a while, you'll find that you can catch just as many fish making your own lures, get some satisfaction catching fish on stuff you've made, and save some money.

The cost analysis below shows what it would cost for the purchase of parts to make ten standard style buzzbaits.  The cost of one spinnerbait saves $1.11 at a savings of 34%!  So, making 10 buzzers saves you $11.10.

*Assumes hollow metal beads are used from previous purchase of spinnerbait components.
 The last thing that I want to say about this topic is that, at least in my case, spending money on fishing tackle especially in this economy is kind of frowned upon by my wife with the exception of a birthday gift or some special occasion.  However, you could use my persuasive argument showing how you actually are saving money doing it this way.  It's the argument that my wife has used on me for years, "Well, I spent $100 dollars on a dress, but I got it on sale and actually saved $25!"  When I hear that, I know that we're out that $100 that we could use on gas, groceries, or paying bills, and yet I'm supposed to be comforted in knowing that she saved 25 bucks!  Anyway, at least I know she's a good shopper...and you can be too!

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