Monday, November 21, 2011

A Fishing Pictoral Post

Rather than write my long winded posts, I thought that for this iteration of Fat Boy's Outdoors, I'd simply post a few fishing pictures that you may not have seen.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  There is no particular order or story to be told here.  Some of these are old, some are new, some mine, some not, some here and some there.  So, I hope that you get your fill of my speechless words.  Enjoy!

Gene Mueller with a Potomac sure to visit his fine blog at

Yours truly, notice the resemblance between the shape of the belly along with the wiskers between the angler and his catch.
Yours truly with a picture worthy pike...NOT!
Dang Edwin, when you said we were going trolling, this isn't what I had in mind...
This is one of my fishin buddies, Edwin.  He's a wacky rig expert...

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Jim C. said...

Great pics, Kev. Lots of memories. That's a heckuva brown in that one ice fishing pic!