Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 10 Bonehead Fishing Incidents of the Year

10)  You spend twenty minutes successfully picking out a backlash of expensive (but excellent) Suffix 832 braided line, while your fishing buddy is catching one bass after another, only to put too much oomph into your next cast and backlash again, even worse!

9)  You spot a hot looking piece of woody cover that just has to be a bass magnet, and as you cast you pick the most likely spot, a small pocket within the log jam that a big bass just has to hold on. You pitch your jig in there, but your cast is off by a foot to the right for whatever reason.  You reel up quickly to try again, and put your next cast in the exact same place, a foot to the right.  This can go on for another pitch or two perhaps.  It's like there's a force field preventing your lure from getting in there.  You get fed up and make a major adjustment in your mind and you eye a spot a foot to the left, only to actually pitch your bait a foot to the left!
I'll get that jig in there if I have to wade out and do it!
8)  You leave a Plano 3700 box full of soft plastics in your truck on a hot day only to find out the next day that the Strike King Perfect Plastic Rodents and Rage Craws have melted into a big mass of green pumpkin goo.

7)  After a long day of bass fishing out of your buddy’s boat, you place your rigged rods in your car for the drive home.  After you get home, you reach to pull out your fishing rods only to find that one of them rigged with a Lucky Craft Pointer has one treble hook firmly implanted in your car seat.

6)  When you tie up a Texas rigged version of your favorite plastic worm, hooked perfectly straight leaving you beaming with pride knowing that it will put some nice bass in your boat only to realize right before you cast that you forgot to slip the bullet sinker on the line first.

5)  You tie on your favorite spinnerbait and proceed to clip off the tag end of the line, but clip the main line instead, and your brand new Booyah Vibra Flex spinnerbait falls into the water...the water is gin clear and you can see it laying on the bottom in 15 feet of water.

4)  You go on a fly fishing trip to a secluded trout fishing hole.  You spend hours in preparation late into the night prior to your trip, meticulously packing your fishing vest with your fly boxes, tippet spools, accessories, tools and equipment, everything that you’ll possibly need.  You tie on new leaders and tippets, and pick the fly that you think will work best.  The next morning, after packing your fly gear and waders into your car, you drive to your favorite stream nearly two hours away.  You pull out all of your gear and don your waders, only to discover that you left your wading shoes at home.

3)  You find out after doing your laundry and pulling your clothing out of the dryer that you accidentally leave a bottle of Spike It Dip-N-Glow chartreuse worm dye in your cargo pants side pocket.  You think that the dryer drum and new tie dye clothing looks cool in chartreuse, but your wife doesn't think so.

2)  You proudly pose for a picture that your buddy is taking with his camera, lipping a nice four pound largemouth bass.  The next day after your buddy emails out a fishing report to all of your fishing pals complete with pictures.  You notice in your picture that your barn door was open…
Good thing the barn door wasn't open on this pic...
…and the number one bonehead fishing incident of the year…

1)  You get up at 4 AM Saturday morning and head to the boat ramp to meet your fishing buddy who is taking you out on his bass boat.  When you get there he’s not there.  After waiting a half your you decide to give him a call.  After the phone rings six times, his wife answers the phone, obviously groggy and out of it after you woke her from a deep sleep.  She grumpily hands the phone over to your buddy who, also very groggy, let’s you know that the fishing trip was planned for Sunday morning…
Disclaimer:  the incidents on this list did not happen to me.  No way.  Just sayin’.  

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