Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What the ??? Interesting Fishing Stuff

Big fish pictures always catch my attention when viewing forums or Facebook, but often the ones that I get a kick out of are the unusual photographs of unusual things that happen to us while we are outdoors.  So, in the spirit of the blog revival, I thought that I'd share a few of my favorites.

I love big fish pics, as I said earlier.  Even more interesting are views of the business end of a predatory fish, like this lake trout caught by Bob Barber:

OK, so this is a catfish.  So what?  Well, for us, in our small fishing circle, it means quite a bit.  This fish is a flathead catfish, not from these parts.  Yep, they're invasive.  Even more unusual, is that my buddy Mark caught it on a plastic worm!

It took me a couple hours to pick out this backlash of expensive heavy braided line.  You can bet I'm not wasting that money if I can fix it.  The only problem, is, which one took the most time to straighten out, the backlash or the mustache?

Last year, my friend Howard and I were fishing for bass and chain pickerel on the Eastern Shore, and I had a fish slam my Rat-L-Trap very hard.  However, there was little fight after a couple head shakes.  The fish came in like a wet sock.  Here's why:

So the fish above cooperated so much it hooked itself twice.  Here's a dinky smallmouth bass that I caught a month ago that wasn't even hooked while wading a local river.  The hook was wedged between the upper and lower jaw!  Pretty smart little fish, eh?

While fishing with my buddy Ed one day out of his boat, he saw something on the bottom.  It's not every day that you see a wagon wheel!

How about the business end of a pumpkinseed sunfish?  Check out this fat one:

Largemouth bass will eat anything that fits in their mouth, but a line clipper?

My good friend Rodger found a great way to catch crayfish.  I'm not sure it's all that productive though:

My buddy Howard shows us the business end of the toothy chain pickerel:

This pic speaks for itself...where's the TV?

How about snagging your crankbait on a stump, and while trying to shake it free so as to not spook a good fishing hole, a fish bites your snagged crankbait?  Yep, it happened:

What does it look like when your buddy tromps through slush and ice faster than you do to get to your fishing hole?  Yeah, that's my good friend Jim Cumming far in the distance.  No, he wasn't drinking!

We'll leave on that note...until next time my fishing friends!


Jim C. said...

All those tracks I made just got me to the Skunk Monster quicker than you, Kev. Still a fun day and then non-stop action the next day. That's fishin'.

Good stuff on here. I need to check in more often!

Fat Boy said...

Thank you Jim. I had a blast up there fishing with you on that trip. I'd love to do it again!