Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Shark Tooth Hunt (Set 1)

One of the things that my daughter thought was the most fun with my shark tooth blog posts involved finding the teeth hidden within the in situ photographs.  She said that it reminded her of some books that were her favorite as a youngster, books that I think were titled, "Eye Spy", or something like that.  We thought that it would be cool to come up with a few blog posts along a similar line.  So, without further ado, let's play...

The Shark Tooth Hunt! (Eye Spy style)

I'll post a series of in situ photos of shark teeth and other fossils, and you simply have to find them.  The answers will be in links immediately following each picture.  I'll post ten pictures per post like this.  So here's the first set.  I hope you enjoy them.

Picture 1.

There's one sand tiger shark tooth in this you see it?  Click on the link below for the answer if you can't.

Picture 2.
Only one shark tooth in this picture too.  Again, click on the link below for the answer if you can't find it.

Picture 3.
There are three shark teeth in this one!

Picture 4.
One lone tooth in this one...

Picture 5.
Only one tooth in this picture also...

Need a hint?  It's partially buried.  Here's what the tooth looks like uncovered, and collected.

Picture 6.

Here's an easy one...a bigger tooth.

Picture 7.
There are two teeth in this picture.

Picture 8.
There are two shark teeth in this picture.

Picture 9.
This picture has three shark teeth.  Can you spot them all?

Here's the last one for today, picture 10.
Sometimes they're not so easy to spot after picking them up!  There are two in this picture.

 I hope that you had fun.  These pictures are a few that I took on my last trip this past weekend.  I didn't really find anything spectacular, but wanted to find some way to document it and share it with you in a fun way.  The fossilized shark teeth found on this trip were pretty much the same stuff that I always find, and not really spectacular or noteworthy.  But, they're fun to find in real life.  And I enjoy finding them in pictures too.  My biggest fear is that maybe I missed some myself!  If you find one that I didn't spot, feel free to point it out in a comment. 

I'll post ten more tomorrow night, so stay tuned!!!


Sonny Guy said...

Hey Fatboy did you make the screen in the last pic yourself?


Fat Boy said...

Sonny, thank you for your comment. The answer is, sort of. I purchased a King Kooker frying skimmer, then attached the handle to 1" PVC pipe with Gorilla Tape (electrical tape will do). They rust out after a while, but I can get two seasons out of them before buying another. They cost anywhere from $10-15. So far, I've found that they work the best for where I collect.

Fat Boy said...

Gander Mountain carries them, but they are pretty common and can be purchased on-line.