Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Shark Tooth Hunt (Set 2)

Well, if you missed it, "The Shark Tooth Hunt (Set 1)" of our shark tooth version of the "Eye Spy" game was my last post, where I posted ten pictures of in situ photographs of fossilized shark teeth.  As promised, I'm posting a set of ten more pictures where you can participate in a virtual shark tooth hunt right here on Fat Boy's Outdoors.  Have fun!

Picture 11.
There are two shark teeth in this picture...see if you can find them.  The link below gives you the answer.

Picture 12.
This one is tricky because of the distortion of the magnification of water along with the glare, but there are three teeth in this picture.

 Picture 13.
There are two teeth in this picture.

Picture 14.
There's one tooth in this picture, partially buried.  Can you find it?

Here's the tooth after being found.  It's a Palaeocene sand tiger shark tooth, common at the loction that I collect.

Picture 15.
Here's another partially buried sand tiger shark tooth.

Picture 16.
There's one tooth in this picture, but it's small and broken, only the blade.  I asked the butterfly to fly near a better tooth for the picture, but it didn't cooperate!

Picture 17.
There are two shark teeth in this picture.

One of the teeth in picture number 17 was an interesting find, Cretalamna appendiculata...some palaeontologists consider this shark to be the ancestor to Otodus, Megalodon and the other mega tooth extinct great white sharks.
Picture 18.
There are two sand tiger shark teeth in this picture.

Picture 19.
Who would think that a washed up plastic drum would have fossilized shark teeth inside?  Well, there are two of them inside.  Can you find them?

The last one for today's post, picture 20.
I picked up two teeth in one scoop.   Even after picking them up, they're sometimes difficult to spot.

Well, that's all for today.  More to come in my next post, so please check back soon for more.  I hope that you had fun on today's hunt!

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